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Disco Marcaribe Pueblo Las Dunas | Cayo Santa Maria | Villa Clara, Cuba

Since early 2011, every hotel in Cayo Santa Maria transformed their discoteque into a "Fun Pub" (bar, music and pool table) which are opened until midnight. Guests who wish to dance and party the night away must now go to two large discotheques located in Pueblo Las Dunas and Pueblo La Estrella. These "pueblos" (aka Plazas) are commercial and entertainment centers offering several additional services to drink, eat, play and do some shopping. Note that children are allowed in the Fun Pubs, but NOT into the pueblo’s discotheques that are 18+. The only hotel that doesn’t have a Fun Pub is the Melia Buenavista.

These two big nightclubs (Disco Amanecer and Disco Marcaribe) are open from 11pm to 2am. They are not part of the hotels’ all-inclusive package. At the door the admission is 5 CUC including a 4 CUC drink credit. If you purchase a ticket at the Front Desk of your hotel then the cost is 10 CUC including a 9 CUC drink credit. Note that the 10 CUC package cannot be purchased at the door. They offer a wide range of local and international drinks; prices vary from 2 CUC to 12 CUC or more for premium brands.

To get to the Plazas (pueblos), there’s a Panoramic Bus that circulates in a loop and stops all the hotels in Cayo Santa Maria/Cayo Ensenachos/Cayo Las Brujas, the Plaza La Estrella and the Plaza Las Dunas. The cost is 1 CUC per person each way. Guests staying in hotels near the pueblos can go on foot (see the distance chart at the bottom of this page). Taxis are also available.

Small carnivals (fiestas) are held every week in the pueblos. They feature a live show on the central square with a music band, lights, and dancing under the stars.

“Legendarios del Guajirito” Show:
On Monday night at 9:30, a spectacular live show is featured at Pueblo La Estrella by the “Legendarios del Guajirito” composed of artists from “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Afro Cuban All-Stars” bands. The price is 35 CUC per adult, 10 CUC for children 3 to 11, free for children 0 to 2 (if they don’t occupy a seat). Are included in the price: transportation from/to your hotel, open bar, and after the show the discotheque stay open until 2 am. There’s another option at 60 CUC which includes dinner, the show, and a private meeting with the artists.

The distance between each hotel and the two Plazas (Pueblos):

From Pueblo Las Dunas to ...

• Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria: 11.8 km
• Grand Memories Santa Maria: 4.0 km
• Hotel Cayo Santa Maria: 4.8 km
• Iberostar Ensenachos: 3.6 km
• Melia Buenavista: 3.1 km
• Melia Cayo Santa Maria: 400 m
• Melia Las Dunas: 700 m
• Memories Paraiso Beach Resort: 3.9 km
• Ocean Casa del Mar by H10: 8.1 km
• Playa Cayo Santa Maria: 1.9 km
• Royalton Cayo Santa Maria: 3.2 km
• Sercotel Cayo Santa Maria: 12.0 km
• Sol Cayo Santa Maria: 1.0 km
• Starfish Cayo Santa Maria: 3.6 m
• Valentin Perla Blanca: 10.0 km
• Villa Las Brujas: 13.4 km
• Warwick Cayo Santa Maria: 7.1 km

From Pueblo La Estrella to ...

• Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria: 14.4 km
• Grand Memories Santa Maria: 820 m
• Hotel Cayo Santa Maria: 1.7 km
• Iberostar Ensenachos: 6.1 km
• Melia Buenavista: 6.4 km
• Melia Cayo Santa Maria: 3.7 km
• Melia Las Dunas: 3.8 km
• Memories Paraiso Beach Resort: 670 m
• Ocean Casa del Mar by H10: 6.1 km
• Playa Cayo Santa Maria: 2.3 km
• Royalton Cayo Santa Maria: 170 m
• Sercotel Cayo Santa Maria: 14.5 km
• Sol Cayo Santa Maria: 4.3 km
• Starfish Cayo Santa Maria: 800 m
• Valentin Perla Blanca: 8.1 km
• Villa Las Brujas: 15.9 km
• Warwick Cayo Santa Maria: 5.2 km

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