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Public Transportation

Cubacar Havanautos Rex Transgaviota | Cayos de Villa Clara, Cuba

The Panoramic Bus Tour

These open-top double decker buses are a fun, convenient and economical way to stroll around Cayo Santa Maria (and the surronding cayos: Ensenachos and Las Brujas). Note however that these buses do not cross the pedraplen (causeway) to travel to nearby cities, only within the Cayos of Villa Clara archipelago.

The cost is 2 CUC per person per ride. You buy the ticket on the bus. Its circular route includes a stop at every hotel, the Pueblos (commercial centers, alias Plazas), and the Delfinario (dolphinarium). The schedule is usually displayed in the lobby of each hotel.


You can usually find them in front of each hotel and at the entrance of the Pueblos (commercial centers). Given the limited number of taxis you may some time have to wait a long time to get one. We suggest asking the hotel's receptionist to call one for you. For a transfer to the Santa Clara Airport (90 minutes), it's strongly suggested to reserve at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. The taxis can be a modern car, or a restored 1950’s American Classic car (called Maquina or Yank Tank). Here are the contact information for two local taxi drivers: Roberto, Cell: 52701790 (robertolml@nauta.cu) and Richard, Cell: 52849850 (rconcepcion@nauta.cu).

Approximate fares:
• From Cayo Santa Maria to Caibarien : 35 CUC one-way / 65 CUC round-trip
• From Cayo Santa Maria to Remedio: 40 CUC one-way / 80 CUC round-trip
• From Cayo Santa Maria to Santa Clara: 60 CUC one-way /  120 CUC round-trip

Note that you can purchase on-site a transfer by bus from Cayo Santa Maria to Santa Clara with Gaviota Tours, for 13 CUC one-way per person, departure at 3:00 pm daily.

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