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icon power cordEletricity and Electrical outlets

The type of electrical current supplied in every hotel rooms in Cayo Santa Maria is 220 Volts / 50 Hertz (different in the bathroom, see below)

In the bedroom (220V):

220 Volts electrical outlet with ground

220 Volts electrical outlet without ground

The electrical outlets in the bedroom are all 220 volts. They were cleverly designed so they can take both flat polarized prongs (North American-style) and round prongs (European-style).

In every hotel, the outlets are 3-prong style (with a ground pin), except at the hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria where you'll find 2-prong style outlets (without ground).

icon arrow leftClick thumbnails to see enlarged image of these two types of electrical outlets.

In the bathroom (110-220V):

220/110 Volts bathroom outlet on hairdryer wall mount

220/110 Volts bathroom wall outlet

In the bathroom, you will find an electrical outlet that supplies both voltages: 110-125V and 220-240V. This socket could be either on the bathroom wall or on the hair dryer wall mount. But please note that it's a low-power outlet (aka Shavers Only Outlet).

It's suitable ONLY for low-watt devices such as battery chargers, shavers, etc., and NOT to plug a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or any other high-watt devices.

icon arrow leftClick thumbnails to see enlarged image of the bathrooms' electrical socket.

Where can I plug my device? What should I bring (converter, transformer, adapter, extension cord)?


FIRST, check if you device is dual-voltage.
Many modern devices are, especially electronics. If it's the case then it will be marked 110-240V (or 100-240V) on it. If your device has dual-voltage, then you won't need a voltage-converter, but you may still want to bring a voltage-regulator that will protect sensitive devices (like electronics) from spikes or power surges, some devices already have a built-in regulator others not.

If your device works only on 110-120V:

For high-power devices (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc.): You need to bring a Voltage-Converter suitable for high-watt devices, and should plug it in the bedroom outlets, NOT in the bathroom Shaver Only outlet.

For electronic devices: You need to bring a Transformer (converter for low-watt devices), and you'll be able to plug it in any electrical outlet (bedroom or bathroom).

Many converters operate as both a converter for high-watt electrical devices and a transformer for low-watt electronic devices; they are the most convenient.

If your device works only on 220-240V:

You won't need any converter or transformer. If it's a high-watt device, you should plug it the bedroom outlets. If it's a low-watt device, you can plug it in any socket (bedroom or bathroom).


Do not confuse adapters and converters, an plug adapter do not convert voltage; it simply allows an electrical device from one country to be physically plugged into the electrical outlets of another country.

As mention above, the lectrical outlets are designed to take both North American-style flat-prongs (types A or B) and European-style round-prongs (Type C). If the electrical plug of your device is different from these, then you'll need an adapter. Here are some examples:

No adapter needed for travelers from:

Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Spain (if type C or F plug), Germany, Argentina (if type C plug), Venezuela, Colombia, Chile (if type C), Netherlands, Peru, Panama, Brazil (if type C)

Adapter needed for travelers from:

United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Chile (if type L plug)


Note that in some hotels the mirrors are not always close to an electrical outlet, so if you're bringing a hair-styling device (curling iron, flat iron, etc.) and need a mirror to see what you're doing, we then suggest bringing an extension cord, just in case.

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