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Scuba Diving | Cayos de Villa Clara

Beginners and diving enthusiasts, who are staying in one of the hotels of Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Las Brujas and Cayo Ensenachos, can easily book excursions and enjoy the local marine life; the "Jardines del Rey" archipelago is recognized for the quality and diversity of its dive sites.

The dive center is located at the Marina Gaviota on the small island Cayo Las Brujas, only a few minutes from the hotels of the three cays. When booking a diving excursion, transportation between your hotel and the marina is always included. Accepted certifications include: PADI, CMAS, NAUI, SSI, FEDAS, and ACUC. Amateur divers are required to take the introductory lessons given for free at the hotels' pools before the diving excursion, see the schedule of these introductory lessons at the bottom of this page.

Several types of dives are offered, day and night dives, at different depth, in coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves. It's possible to make up to 2 dives per day. The dive center also offers courses (different levels) with an ACUC certification (internationally recognized).

With complete equipment supplied :

• 1 dive: 45 CUC
• 2 dives: 65 CUC
• 3 dives: 90 CUC
• 4 dives : 110 CUC
• 5 dives : 135 CUC
• 6 dives: 156 CUC
• 7 dives: 175 CUC
• 8 dives: 196 CUC
• 9 dives: 216 CUC
• 10 dives: 240 CUC
• 11 dives and more : 22 CUC per dive

If you have your own equipment :

• 1 dive : 40 CUC
• 2 dives: 55 CUC
• 3 dives and more: same prices

Non-diving companion : 25 CUCPrice: 2017

Day and time of the free introductory lessons (1 hour):

• Iberostar Ensenachos (SPA section pool): (9:30 am) Monday and Friday
• Sol Cayo Santa Maria (family pool Melia): (9:30 am) Wednesday and Saturday
• Melia Cayo Santa Maria (family pool): (9:30 am) Wednesday and Saturday
• Melia Las Dunas (family pool): (9:30 am) Monday, Thursday, Saturday
• Playa Cayo Santa Maria: (9:30 am) Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
• Starfish Cayo Santa Maria: (9:30 am) Wednesday and Friday
• Memories Resorts: (9:30 am) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
• Be Live Collection Cayo Santa Maria: (9:30 am) Wednesday
• Labranda Cayo Santa Maria: (9:30 am) Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
• Ocean Casa del Mar: (9:30 am) Tuesday
• Valentin Perla Blanca: (9:30 am) Monday and Thursday

Contact information for Marina Gaviota :
Address: Cayo Las Brujas, Cayeria Norte, Caibarien, Villa Clara, Cuba
Phone: (53 42) 35 0013 - (53 42) 35 0113
Fax: (53 42) 35 0013 ext. 12

Opening hours:  9 am to 5 pm daily

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