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icon Cuba flagMotonatura (by scooter) / Micronatura (by bus)

Moto Natura tour | Cayo Santa Maria

Do not contact us to book this excursion. We are NOT a travel agency nor a tour operator, this page is for information purpose only.

Prices (2017, in CUC):
2 persons by scooter: Adult 38 each / Child 29
1 person by scooter: Adult 52
Adult 27 each / Child 21

Motonatura: Tuesday and Friday
Micronatura: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Schedule: Departure time (1st hotel): 9:00 am

Motonatura: Tour guide, transfer by bus to the scooter depot, scooter rental.
Micronatura: Tour guide, transportation by bus


Leave the beach behind for a few hours; this is a little adventure for nature lovers to the eastern part of Cayo Santa Maria, dominated by a protected Wildlife Refuge. The all area has earned the status of a Biosphere Reserve, named Buenavista.

If you booked "Motonatura": A bus will bring you to the scooter rental location. Ride your own scooter to get to the Santa Maria Wildlife Refuge. If you booked "Micronatura" you'll get to the refuge by bus.

Observe the habitat (birds, animals and plants), and do some hiking in the marked trails called "Cueva de Oro", "Sendero La Aguada del Baga" and "Artistas del Bosque". Free time to swim at a small beach located in an exclusive area at the very tip of the island. Return to your hotel around lunch time.

Suggestions on what to wear and bring:
Comfortable shoes and wear, swimwear, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, bottled water, camera, a little cash for tips.

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