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Scuba Diving | Cayos de Villa Clara

icon scubaScuba Diving - Buceo

Prices (2016, in CUC): 45 (40 if you have your own equipment)
(see below the prices for multiple-dive packages)

Frequency: Every day except Sunday

Bus transfer to/from the marina, complete equipment.


Departure by bus to the Dive Center located at the Marina Gaviota on Cayo las Brujas, only a few minutes from the hotels.

Immersions guided by a professional team of divers in areas where the coral reef exhibit varied and whimsical forms of life. Observe the wide spectrum of marine life in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, such as corals, algae, sponges, colorful fish, etc.

Accepted certifications: PADI, CMSA, NAUI, SSI, FEDAS, ACUC. Amateur divers are required to take the introductory lessons given for free at the hotels’ pools, before the diving excursion. The complete diving equipment is provided.

Multiple-Dive Packages (prices in CUC):

2 dives: 65 / 3 dives: 90 / 4 dives 110 / 5 dives 135 / 6 dives: 156 / 7 dives: 175 / 8 dives: 196 / 9 dives: 216 / 10 dives: 240

If you have your own equipement:
2 dives: 55 / 3 dives and more: same prices as above.

You can do maximum 2 dives per day.

Lily & Normand


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