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Satellite image of Cayo Las Brujas with its hotels and servicesCayo Las Brujas (Witches Island) is an islet of about 7 km2 (2.7 sq. mi) which is part of the "Cayos de Villa Clara" (aka Cayeria del Norte) located north of the Cuban province of Villa Clara. With its neighbors (Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria), Cayo Las Brujas is connected to the main island of Cuba by a 48-km causeway (called pedraplen in Spanish), from the coastal town of Caibarien.

This resort destination is mainly served by the Santa Clara International Airport (Aeropuerto Abel SantaMaria), which is about 110 km away (80 minutes). On Cayo Las Brujas, there’s also a local airport for domestic flights; unfortunately the runway is too short for large aircrafts.

Two spectacular beaches are found along the northern coast of Cayo Las Brujas, Playa La Salina (2.1 km long), and Playa Caracol (about 400 meters). The name "La Salina" comes from an old salt woks (disused for a long time) located to the south of this beach. There are a few other short stretches of beach along the north coast of the Cayo.

Playa La Salina - Cayo Las Brujas

Services that are currently found on Cayo Las Brujas include: a charter marina, a gas station, a snack bar, a dive center and one hotel, the hotel Villa Las Brujas. But five new all-inclusive resorts (for a total of 2,773 rooms) and a small shopping center, "Pueblo La Flor de Sal", are currently under construction, openings are scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

Cayo Las Brujas is uninhabited (no towns, villages or farms), and the entire area is part of the Buenavista Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO. Hotels' employees come to work by bus from the surrounding cities, such as Caibarién, Remedios, Camajuani and Santa Clara.

Cayo Las Brujas takes its name from an old legend about a young couple whose love was thwarted by a jealous uncle. The superstition has it that the girl was a witch and that she used magic to transform herself into an owl and disappear to escape from her uncle. Other stories are that noises, apparitions and ghosts were being heard and seen at that time in one part of the island.

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