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Satellite image of Cayo Cruz located north in the province of CamagueyCayo Cruz is a small island of the eastern part of the "Jardines del Rey" (King's Gardens) archipelago located off the northern coast of Cuba (Atlantic side), in the province of Camaguey. This archipelago contains a few other islands best known for tourism, such as: Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, and further west: Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Las Brujas.

Cayo Cruz is about 32 (12.3 sq.mi), roughly the same size as Cayo Largo, (another popular resort island south of Cuba), It’s connected to the west with its neighbor, Cayo Romano, by a new 40-km road (including 12 km of causeways across water); and it’s also connected to the south with the main island of Cuba (near the village of Brasil).

The beaches of Cayo Cruz stretch mostly along the north-eastern coast of the cay, while the western coast is mainly covered with mangroves. There's also a long stretch of beach along its south-eastern coast, this one is most likely to remain virgin because this part of the cay seems rather narrow to build hotels.

Cayo Cruz

The current tourism project include the construction of 6 hotels, here are the temporary construction name of these new resorts:

Hotel Quebrada 17 (550 rooms), scheduled to open in the fall of 2017
Hotel Quebrada 21 (700 rooms), scheduled to open 2018-2020
Hotel Punta Cocina Parcela 32 (895 rooms), scheduled to open 2018-2020
Hotel Quebrada 24 (680 rooms), scheduled to open 2018-2020
Hotel Punta Cocina Parcela 30 (1,145 rooms), scheduled to open 2018-2020
Hotel ???, we don’t know yet the construction name of the sixth hotel

We know that the construction of some of these hotels is underway, but we don’t know yet what will be their commercial names and which hotel chains are going to manage them. See here some pictures of the construction site of the Quebrada 17 project taken during the last week of December 2016.

Several roads and short causeways were recently built to connect the island of Cayo Coco with Cayo Cruz, so the latter could be served by the Jardines del Rey Airport located on Cayo Coco. Cement factories and service buildings have been built on Cayo Romano (the neighbor island), and freshwater pipes are being installed to supply Cayo Cruz from the main island of Cuba (near the village of Brasil).

icon TravelTo learn more about this destination, visit our website, online since 2009. You’ll find in it everything you need to know to better prepare your trip to Cayo Cruz. However, you must be patient! The first hotel is scheduled to open its door in late 2017. We will be there for sure!

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